Region 9

Back in 1987, I had just started a new job. My boss and a colleague were discussing their respective social activities. I casually enquired ‘What is this Round Table that you two keep talking about?’ Little did I know that a simple question like that could have such an effect on my life.

I soon joined the long since closed Gainsborough Round Table, but within 6 months was promoted and moved to work in Peterborough. One member told me ‘If you are going to work there, transfer to Deepings Table’ When I asked why, the response was ‘Just go and you’ll find out’. That was the second life changing conversation.

Having done about as much as I could possibly squeeze into my time in Table, I joined The Deepings 41 Club. I am now a member of the OBE’s 41 Club but it is as a member of the former that I am privileged to be Region 9 National Councillor. Whist I am right on the edge of the southern boundary I am committed to visiting clubs all over the Region up to Scunthorpe and Grimsby in the North.

Unfortunately, my appointment to the role coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic which has rather scuppered plans to visit our clubs, but I hope to be able to see as many people as possible when we are allowed out again. I hope to renew old friendships as well as making some new ones, and look forward to the fun and fellowship with fellow Lincolnshire ‘Yellow Bellies’.

It is also my aim to organise a Regional event, be it a dinner or sporting challenge, but that will also depend on us being allowed out to play. I hope that my experience of Table and 41 Club together with picking up and sharing ideas of other clubs will be useful in securing an increase in membership across the whole Round Table family.

Should anybody feel like reminiscing about days gone by, or have some brilliant ideas of how to survive the current climate, I would welcome your contact. We have a recently formed Facebook group for the region – we are currently a small group and as a complete FB novice, I still have to get used to how the whole thing works but I would encourage others to join so that we can share ideas and news.

I am on or and look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Yours in Continued Friendship