Young Ambassador Program

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I am not only delighted but also very honoured to be the first YAP Convenor for the Association.

YAP stands for Young Ambassador Program

For those of you who are asking what YAP is, well in a nutshell the program offers the opportunity for the children or grandchildren (young adults between the ages of 18 & 25) of a 41 Club member or The Round Table Family the chance to tour other member countries and experience their culture, lifestyles and history.

The Programme has been in existence for a few years with GB&I 41 Club coming fully on-board in 2019 due to the efforts of National President Peter Good (2020/22) when he was IRO.

As the tours are mainly home hosted by 41 Clubs, not only the opportunity to send participants exists, but also to be a host for part of a tour. GB&I 41club would normally arrange an internal tour annually and details sent to invite clubs to be part of the tour in some way.

Although the tours available vary from year to year to give you feel for the possible destinations the following were part of the last tours offered before the effect of Covid 19 on world travel:

North India, South India, South Africa, Cyprus, Southern Europe and Northern Europe.

The YAP seeks to promote exchange visits between the children of parents who are members of 41 Clubs or The Round Table Family. The objectives of these visits are the following:

Introducing these young adults to different cultures, lifestyles and histories - Building friendships and close relationships across continents - Developing confidence, trust and international understanding.

The Requirements to be an ambassador 

You must be between 18 and 25 years of age. Ideally you will have a basic knowledge of English to be able to express yourself to your hosts. You are prepared to travel and participate in the tour as arranged.

The Young Ambassadors will be placed with host families of 41 Club members ensuring that the objectives of the program are achieved. It is preferable, but not compulsory that the guests stay with hosts who have young people in a similar age group. The children of 41 Club hosts will be encouraged to spend time with their visitors, to involve them in their day-to-day activities.

The participants will travel in groups in their host country as far as possible. (The maximum number of Young Ambassadors will be defined by the host country but will usually not exceed 12 for one group). A stay of 3-4 days in each town/location is considered ideal and its usual that there is not more than two Young Ambassadors per host family.

Become an Ambassador

So, if you think this is a fabulous opportunity for any of your family then tell them:

If they are between the ages of 18 and 25, from a Tabler/41Club family, hungry to learn and get a better understanding of the world around you, then YAP offers you the chance to travel and meet other Tablers/41Clubs and their families. Find out how other people live their lives. Whichever tour you choose learn about your host’s customs, their culture, experience their food and how they go about their daily lives - but most importantly make new friends all over the world.

The fantastic opportunities and experiences offered to the participants of YAP tours are without doubt life changing, however this is only half the story. The contribution that is made by the host families is as rewarding to them as it is to the participants.

With Tours being continually arranged throughout Europe and as far afield as South Africa and India, we are planning a tour of GB&I (it will be the Associations first) and you may feel that you and your club members can offer a home environment that fits the bill (Don’t worry if it’s a made-up bed for your guest(s) - it’s all part of the experience) or the area that you live in offers a place of interest or an activity that can be incorporated with a stay then why not get in on the act and get your club involved.

As you can imagine organising a tour involves a great deal of work and at whatever level yourself and your 41 club members can help it will be much appreciated and you can take pride in the fact that you have contributed to one of the most rewarding 41 international projects going.

So, to some of the small print (with a lot more detail on the website listed below):


The attendees should be between 18 and 24 years old and the children or grandchildren of a 41 Club member or ex-Round Tabler.

They will be asked to pay their flight ticket, their transfer and administrative fees.

They should be prepared to give a presentation about their home country in English and, in doing so, fulfil their role as a Young Ambassador.

Before departure:

  • Send all forms digitally to myself as YAP Convenor. (the Application must include a photo)
  • Send Proof of Medical and Liability Insurance.
  • Pay an administration fee usually €60.
  • After their return, they are expected to deliver a report to their home countries National Board and to their local 41 club.

The website below has a lot more information for you and will be updated with next year’s tour details and have a copy of a participant application form etc. or the YAP link on

In the planning stage is the inaugural GB&I tour. As more information becomes available and external tours start again details will be posted via the 41club website, the International News Letter and face book.

If you have questions or require any further details my email is

Bruce Bennett

GB&I41club YAP Convenor